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Medusa has never liked Milliways winters. Cold, snow, ice, cold. With living snakes combining with her mind, she feels herself growing slower, duller; with metal feathers growing out of her skin, it's only her preternatural healing that stops her from getting frostbite every time she goes outside.

It is morning, high mid-morning, with the sun streaming through the window. The very, very shut window - even Medusa's objections to lack of fresh air falter in the face of cold. The Gorgon herself is perched on a chair in front of the glass, staring out across the white landscape as her snakes absorb as much sunlight as possible.

(she is not alone, either; sprawled out in her lap and overcome with the bliss of constant petting is one Master Shreddie. Sun and scritches, nothing better in the whole multiverse)
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One noticeable thing about Medusa is that she often has henna tattoos. Across her hands and feet, curling around her legs and arms, edging her face. These tattoos are not always there, of course, but when they are, they are often different.

Medusa is of the firm opinion that normal tattoos would be boring.

So is plain skin, which is why the Gorgon has been spending some time making henna paste in Sam's bathroom. Sift out the power, mix with lemon juice and honey in a ceramic bowl, cover and let set until the dye releases, let the snakes of her hair bob a greeting to the boyfriend as he stands in the door.

"Morning, Luce," she says cheerfully, if a little absently as she poked the paste with a spoon to see if it was ready.

ooc~ henna-ness
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One thing that Sam's room does not lack is books. It might lack in another things (like, style and neatness and consistently open curtains), but it doesn't lack for books.

At the moment, Medusa is considering this to being something of an advantage, which is why the Gorgon can presently be found sitting on the floor, frowning over a book. There may be following the words with a finger and reading out loud (slowly) involved.

There are certainly open curtains and windows involved.
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And on this fine, beautiful morning, after dawn, Medusa is outside with a sister, the dogs, and a number of blackened kitchen implements. Blackened from charcoal, which happens when you cook on open fires, but just because it is a regular occurrence doesn't mean that you leave them that way, oh no.

This is why Medusa and Euryale are scrubbing. And chipping.

The dogs, for the record, are either trying to help (licks help! honestly! licks to mistresses' faces!) or sitting from a distance and looking mournful at the lack of attention.
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Beyond Milliways' front door is an open area as would grace any farm; chickens in their house, a couple of goats stoped from their quest to eat the vegatables by a cunning wall, a shed and the peach-coloured wall of Medusa's own garden. There is another low building, too low to be anything but built partly under ground, and there are steps leading down to the door.

It's summer, morning, but still well on its way to being hot, even with the breeze coming off the ocean.

There are also dogs - large, rugged things who rush at Meda in a mad welcome-home-dance.

"...possibly I should have mentioned the boys," Medusa tells Atton, a little ruefully.
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One day, Medusa (who has entirely forgotten about being told what Valentine's Day is, and that a Certain Someone Forgot) finally decides that Lucifer Needs To Get Out More, and goes to Milliways to kidnap him.

Sam is very much not adverse to this kidnapping, possibly because Medusa is wearing a very pretty bodice.

Beyond Milliways' front door is an open area as would grace any farm; chickens in their house, a couple of goats stoped from their quest to eat the vegatables by a cunning wall, a shed and the peach-coloured wall of Medusa's own garden. There is another low building, too low to be anything but built partly under ground.

It's late afternoon, and actually fairly cool - autumn does that, even in North Africa.

And while she would give him a grand tour of the outside, she does have things cooking in the kitchen, so she leads him down some steps and around the corner. The kitchen is a large cavern, doubling as their main living space, and it is back up against the bathhouse. No sense in wasting heat, after all.

There is a large table in the middle, a working table, and it's a working kitchen for three people who love food and eat a lot.

"Welcome to my home."
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It's been...

A day. One of those days. You know those days.

Which is why when Medusa walks into the Bar, dressed as a stylishly chic Muslim lady (yes, even with the glasses), she just looks relieved.

The Gorgon walks across to her normal table, dumps her bag, and then starts taking clothes off - sandals, scarf (with its pins), blouse (the skirt and singlet can stay)
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There was a wedding, and a certain couple entirely forgot about a present. And she had sighed and said she'd make a rug, and he had gone thank you, thank you very much. And so it was that Medusa has been making a rug for the past few months in her time - occasionally drifting in and out, but mostly concentrating on colours and weaves and symbols and magic.

But lo! Said rug is finished, and is now currently being thumped down on Sam's desk.

Gently, of course.

It wouldn't do to unduely startle the Devil, just because it's hours after dawn.
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The Bar is familiar, safer than Guppy's world, but it is still inside with people and Medusa...

Has spent a rather long time around strangers, mostly inside, with her wings hidden and unable to move and there were a lot of strangers and the Bar might be familiar and large, but she still can't breathe.

She manages an incoherant explanation before she opens the front door and runs out.

Beyond the door is a garden; a lush, walled garden with old trees looking soft and inviting in the twilight. There is a breeze, too, straight off the ocean and, here's the important part, the door is still open.
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She is not a Book

She is not a book to pick up
and discard when you grow
bored or the final page is read. She is not a story to read, ponder and shelve away to look at later with affection from afar while dust gathers on the page.

She is a woman; ensouled. Terrible and beautiful in her wrath and twice more so in her joys. With dreams dreamt before your coming and ones she’ll vision into being after you’ve gone. She is human and thus immortal with a largeness of fate that far encompasses your own dreams for her, however petty or noble. She is beyond your judgment and always will be.

She is not a book she can’t be leant to friends.

She is a living, breathing, creature of this earth. Her warm, soft body that sparks up your desires has suffered pains and ecstasies that can’t be measured by you. She’s had 2am nightmares and 4am tossings and turnings, her own wrestlings with death, loneliness, sin and salvation.

She is unique and utterly herself and that is close to the heart of the reason you love her, the lay of the land in the heart region you love her.

She is not a book, a shoe, a pen or a fork. She’s not a carnival toy, a new car, a beach towel or a blanket.

She’s been walking strange or familiar streets long before you looked into each others eyes, touched and tasted each others skin. She’s been trying and succeeding, trying and failing, loving and being made love to, on her own paths, in places far beyond your limited capacity to hurt or heal for half a lifetime now. Her life journey only intersects with yours and while you hope, pray and grovel to God that those paths merge, there will be a harsh parting one day. You cannot carry her into the next world and she cannot carry you, argue at the gates of heaven though you might.

You only love her and are overcome for desire for her because she won’t be closed or shelved. She can’t be put in your pocket, slipped into your wallet, placed on your pillow(well maybe that), clasped wholly in your hand, blown updrafted into the air like dandelion snow. She is whole and holy in her wholeness. Her delights and despairs are her own. Well-served you are to know her in part and considered by her to be beloved. But she is unknowable, as we all are, on so many levels, offers ten-fold fascination beyond you’re your childlike needs, male ego desires, your thinking with your groin and your mind set on fire.

She is a woman; ensouled. Be thankful to have her, be the days numbered, to lighten your life and load and offer partial coming home.
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The Bar was familiar, safer than Guppy's world, but it was still inside with people and Medusa had only managed an incoherant explanation before she ran for the backdoor.

"You okay?" Sam asked, not much of a moment later.

"Too many people," she replies, studying the stars and stretching out her wings. Her previously hidden wings, and thank everything that her dress is backless.


"Mmhm." Beat. "You don't have to stay out here, though. I mean, I'm just calming down and it's silly that-"

"It's a nice night," he says, shrugging off his jacket and undoing some buttons. His reward is a shy, pleased smile.

"Okay," she says softly. She doesn't fly, not in this dress, but she walks and stretches out all her six limbs and gradually, gradually, gradually the air of a caged wild creature fades. By the time she comes back, Sam's lounging on the seat-swing with her sandals next to his shoes.

"Feeling better?"

"A little," she admits, and then shakes her head. "I may have gotten into an argument with one of Frog's friends."


"He was wrong. The Egyptians built the pyramids, not the aliens. And they line up with Orion because they are replicating the stars, and it's not some...I mean, humans are terribly clever, I'm not sure why they go about talking about things from outer space. Besides," Medusa says, tossing her head up slightly. "I've seen them."

"How did he take it?"

"Not terribly well. I'm afraid I may have told him that I'm basically immortal and then used his mental flailing to run off to Atton."

Sam just laughs. "Ah, Meda."

"I did okay?" she asks, sitting next to him and reaching out for his hand. Sam tangles his fingers with hers and grins.

"You did okay."
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Medusa is a monster. Monsters are often hungry. Monsters have no issue with eating people based solely on sapience. Medusa, however, has been raised to be polite and listen to rules and it would be against said rules to eat anyone here, even if she's really hungry, which she rarely is because she doesn't want to be that tempted.

All of which is why Medusa is walking down the stairs into the Bar at an odd hour, to get food from the Bar without her stomach directing her to the live prey.


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