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Nemesis is a woman is a goddess resting her chin on her hands that are resting on the hilt of her sword and she is watching in the early morning, Medusa and her sisters are outside their father's house. The flood is starting to go down, and the weather is cooling. Still, this is Egypt and the girls have never been fond of their feathers being sun-baked-hot. Metal and skin are not the best combination, and they exist in mornings, evenings and nights.
And She speaks:
It's early morning, very early, but they've done their practice for the day.
Medusa called Gorgos Medusa daughter of The Old Man of the Sea who calls Himself Phorcys Medusa daughter of Keto She Who Men Fear Medusa womb-sister of Stheno Gorgos Medusa womb-sister of Euryale Gorgos Medusa beloved of Lucifer Medusa Queen of Gorgons Medusa Mistress of the West Gate
They even have the healing scratches and blood in the sand to prove it; they've always played rough, practice rough, fought rough. Rough girls, really, despite everything else.
Medusa you were Slain Medusa you were Murdered Medusa you were Dead
Rough girls, who nonetheless take very, very good care of their weapons.
Medusa you were supposed to STAY DEAD
Bodies, claws, and, yes, even swords and daggers. Bronze, to be sure, but the girls are sitting in the early morning sun and sharpened the edges of their blades.
Medusa the Dead Stay Dead.
Or at least, they were.
Stheno the Dead Stay Dead.
Softly, Euryale says, "Meda?"
Euryale the Dead Stay Dead.
Medusa is frowning, her head tilted and even her snakes are silent.
The Lord and the Lady and the other Dead are not happy
"I don't..." she says, just as quiet. "Can you...hear someone?"
You were Dead. You were Supposed To Stay Dead.
But they Brought You Back
Stheno glances from Euryale to Medusa and her gaze stays there.
They Brought You Back and than you Ran Away. You have Forsaken Your Duty. ABANDONED It.
"But it's...I can..." Medusa drops her sword and presses her fingers to her temples.
But I will Let You Live.
Nothing can Hurt You. Nothing can Kill You. Just like Your Sisters have Always Wanted
"There's...someone...I can hear her she's hurting my head make it stop-"
Nemesis straightens up she has her left hand outstretched there are some scales weighed down to one side and that will never do so she lifts her other hand and points the sword at Medusa and Medusa
feels the ground beneath her feet and the wind and the sun and the clothes on her back and the weave of it
the weave of it and she can taste everything sweat and water and the reeds and the flowers and the insects she can smell them she can taste them
she can see the heat
it blinds
its burning her eyes burning her brain burning the snakes burning burning make it stop please please im sorry just makeitstop




she can smell everything she can taste everything she can feel her mind



The scales are even now so Nemesis just smiles and then she vanishes because she's busy and there are other jobs to do.


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