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WARNING: Medusa was raped by Poseidon. She doesn’t like talking about it, but if asked she will probably admit to it. It is a subject that may turn up in some threads/OOMs as it is the reason she was cursed (and if so, those threads will carry a warning of their own), but if you are easily triggered, please consider this a warning.

ΜέδουσαI am the daughter of the Old Man of the Sea and his monster-wife, Ceto. Together with my Gorgon sisters, I guard the West Gate of Death, the western-most entrance into Hades. I have been called daughter, sister, queen. I have even been called beautiful.

Once, I had suitors trying to find my cave. They were in love with my face, my body, and most of all my black curls. Not one mentioned me, which is why I never married any of them. Once, I was in grey-eyed Athena's temple and Poseidon found me, and used me, for nothing more than lust and his rivalry with her. For this I was punished by the warrior-goddess, she who cowered behind her shield.

Once, I had lovely black hair and looked men straight in the eye; now my curls are snakes and my gaze turns anyone I look at to stone.

At least the bitch left me my wings.

Medusa mainly takes the form of a beautiful young Amazigh woman (she will generally call herself Libyan in Milliways) with olive skin and dark eyes. She is short, curvy, and very fit. She is also very obviously not human; she has a pair of golden wings on her back (for those who notice such things, they are shaped like a lesser kestrel’s, and her wingspan is around twelve feet), brass claws on her fingers and toes that are normally sheathed like a cat’s, and her hair is a mixture of beautiful blue-black curls and slender black snakes (in volume, half and half). The snakes are alive, and unless otherwise specified please assume that they are moving and hissing. If your character can understand them, the snakes are gossiping and arguing amongst themselves. If the sentences sound like thoughts, this is just coincidence (right?)

Since India, Medusa tends to have either a nosering or a nosestud through her right nostril. As she's from the fourth century AD, clothes are a mixture of Roman dresses (modified to accomodate her wings), and either skirts or leather trousers with an adapted choli (short sleeves and bared midriffs make little sense in winter). Medusa also tends to be barefooted and the soles of her feet are thick and calloused.

Please note – Medusa will never look at anyone directly unless said otherwise; due to Athena’s curse, if she looks anything living directly, they will be turned to stone. Exceptions as they stand are; the dead, the immortal, plants and plant-based life. For more details, questions and/or comments, please go here.

Disclaimer: Medusa has been adapted from various version of the Ancient Greek myth, and is thus public property. This journal is for RPing in [info]milliways_bar, and is just for fun.
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