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To start with, the curse only affects people if Medusa looks directly at them. Given that Perseus was able to look at Medusa via a mirror, she can look at other people via mirrors as well. Sunglasses or a veil would also be disturbance enough, as would a dark room.

As for who it affects...basically, the curse kills you. Logically, then, it can only affect those who can die. It doesn't work on those who are already dead, and those immortals who can't die no matter what you do to them. (there is one version of the legend which has Medusa's head turning the Titan Atlas to a mountain - I am ignoring this, as it makes no sense with Heracles tricking him later on.)

And while the myths mention people and animals being turned into statues, it never mentions plants - so any sentient furniture and trees are perfectly safe.

For the record, the statues seem to always be of marble.

So, to sum up - her gaze can't harm those truly dead, those who can't die, and those based on plants.

She will also not be turning anyone to stone without the other player's express permission - she doesn't want to break the rules, and will be keeping her eyes firmly down. If the situation is starting to get risky, I'll be in contact.

Any questions or comments, or if you think your character might be strong enough/powerful enough to resist anyway, please talk to me. Either comment here, or catch me on AIM at lamorgne, or email at ashysaki @


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