Jun. 18th, 2008

mycursedface: (Atton's a bad influence)
Aquilaris is where we set our scene,
a planet of cities few and oceans serene;
a glitzy resort for the rich and famous
and those attempting to be glam’rous.

In his favour, it should be said that Atton is neither
but in his present circumstances a mere fiver
would make him appear to be quite rich
(it is not his fault that they left him in the ditch.)

Of course, his companion is something different
through no fault of her own; if she is now content
it’s due to her fame and fortune being of another world
and making men’s heads turn never did grow old.

And Medusa Gorgos, rightly called snake-haired
(for to go among mortals with her head bared
would be foolish to say the least), has the exact
kind of mind to wreck havoc with Pazaak.

Her teacher Atton Rand is no slouch at the game,
using it as he does to shield his mind, but today his aim
is not quite so moral. There are stories of a treasure
and with distracting Meda he plans to steal for his pleasure.

Now Aquilaris may be a ritzy pleasure garden but it is still a planet
and all planets have cantinas where different folk can be met;
a cantina is where the duo are, he disguised by name and she by sight,
playing cards against a pirate whose pride is his intellectual might.

“You’re good, little girl,” and in return Medusa smiles
(the Gorgon is not above using her considerable feminine wiles)
as she places nine cards on the table without going bust;
a move which the pirate’s former players would think just.

Tension rules the table, a long moment frozen by Cil-Who-Ate,
who fumes and snarls and growls. When he speaks, his voice is a grate,
“You’ll pay for that,” and in the same breath he grabs her slender arm.
“Now, now, don’t be hasty,” Atton drawls, “you’ll come to some harm.”

(to be continued...)


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