Jan. 30th, 2008

mycursedface: (moon and sea and pretty twilight)
It's summer in Egypt, so the Nile is a swollen, flooded thing right now. But Medusa's father built his home above the highest waterline, and in any case he is a god and weather and water can be bent to his will. (Or at least coaxed, for the Old Man of the Sea had ever been one for soft words over thunderbolts). There are a several buildings, arranged roughly in a semi-circle, and made from stone and mud and straw. There is a garden, too, with trees and flowers and a pretty little stream, but that is behind the buildings and can only be glimpsed at.

It's night in Egypt, so it is pleasantly cool. During the day it'll be hot (although, not as hot as Medusa is used to sleeping through, because gold feathers and the hot, hot sun do not always get along), but now it is merely...nice.

Also, dark. Even with the stars and the cresent moon, but Medusa has a cat's eyes (almost literally, because while now her pupils are huge to let in the light, in the Bar they are nothing but slits), so she leads Sam by the hand across the main open space to the granary.

"There are footholds in the walls, if you wanted to climb up?" She says once they reach it, grinning in the dark.


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